(Mining)- How to dig Monero by mobile phone

(Mining)- How to dig Monero by mobile phone

(Mining)- How to dig Monero by mobile phone

Kimo, which was often used in the past, and now Yahoo intellectuals, also stopped serving this year. I thought I would sort it out by myself, and I would also publish an English version for practicing English. If there is a grammatical error, please include more.

1. First, register a Monero wallet address.

2. Then select a mining pool ( SupportXMR is selected here )

3. Download the Linux library files of the mining tool XMRig from the Internet, package these library files into the android app, and use ProcessBuilder to run these library files in the shell mode in the Android app, you can simulate the mobile phone as a linux computer for mining mine.

4. After the app is packaged and installed on the phone, click the start button, and the following code will be called. In android, use the shell to run the mining tool xmrig to start mining ( actually, it is running the encryption algorithm to find out the node connection Hash value ).

5. The key code is as follows:

The key code is as follows:

// run xmrig using the config
String[] args = {"./xmrig"};
ProcessBuilder pb = new ProcessBuilder(args);
// in our directory
// with the directory as ld path so xmrig finds the libs
pb.environment().put("LD_LIBRARY_PATH", privatePath);
// in case of errors, read them

accepted = 0;
// run it!
process = pb.start();
// start processing xmrig's output
outputHandler = new MiningService.OutputReaderThread(process.getInputStream());


The computing power of the webmaster’s mobile phone is about 300 H/s, which is slightly worse than that of a computer.

I didn’t calculate the profit carefully. I think even if I dig it, it’s about 0.1 USD/day, so I can only play for fun.

The most important thing is that there are a lot of important information and privacy on the phone, so mining is not recommended.


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