(Mining)- Talking about virtual currency ~ XMR & DOGE ~

(Mining)- Talking about virtual currency ~ XMR & DOGE ~

(Mining)- Talking about virtual currency ~ XMR & DOGE ~

This log is for people who want to mine XMR & Doge ( actually, it also applies to other virtual currencies )

During this period of time, I found some virtual currency information on the Internet.

After reading it, I have a practical understanding of virtual currency.

It can only be said that mining requires true love, true love, true love can dig ( important things have to be said three times )

Don’t dig what you see. It’s possible to get any coins in the future, and it’s impossible to chase after it.


Take the webmaster as an example, the favorites are XMR and DOGE

The reason is also very simple


XMR: Because of its anonymity, and there hasn’t been any big ups or downs over the years

DOGE: Just because I like dogs, not because of hype


XMR: Because of the anonymity, it is difficult for anyone to come in and speculate, and big players will not come in to play things that the government does not agree with, but as long as decentralization still exists, it is fine.

DOGE: Actually, if I don’t like dogs, I wouldn’t want to dig. It really has no real meaning.

So the webmaster is actually optimistic about XMR


If the virtual currency rises in the future, it is a windfall

If it falls, it’s okay. Anyway, it’s what I like.

And by that time, I think I will graduate from virtual currency


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